Trend Alert: How to add Shiplap to your Home

Shiplap is having a moment thanks to HGTV’s Fixer Upper. But you don’t have to live in Waco, TX or other parts of the south where shiplap was used in the construction of many older homes to add his bit of character to your home. If you want to jump on the shiplap train, here’s how to get it and what to do with It.

“Characterized by long horizontal (or vertical) panels formed by overlapping ‘rabbets’ (grooved boards), weathertight shiplap has long been popular in areas with harsh climates,” said Remodelista. “Because of this functionality, and due to the fact that it was often made from relatively inexpensive pine, shiplap has traditionally been associated with less formal structures, such as woodland cabins and coastal cottages.”

But, as architect Sheila Bonnell of FRAMe Architecture + Design showed on Remodelista, shiplap has more versatility than you think and can work in nearly any space and any style of home.

Look how well it pairs with marble counters and open shelving in this kitchen.



Here it sets a unique foundation for eclectic furnishings.



But those who want the look without the expense of real boards also have options. Emily, a DIYer from website Table and Hearth, “researched all kinds of materials that you can use to achieve a plank wall; real wood planks themselves, reclaimed wood, or ripped-down panels of hardboards or plywood. I wanted the classic wood look, in wide planks, but couldn’t afford ones that were already cut. Plus, I REALLY didn’t want to have to remove and reinstall our baseboards so I needed something that was 1/4″ thick or less.”

The answer: this 1/4″ plywood underlayment that cost $13 apiece. She had Home Depot rip them down into 8″ wide planks, painted them gray, and trimmed it out with poplar battens.

Here’s how plywood shiplap looks in another room using 6″ boards.


Hooked on Houses

You can also get a great look using shiplap without covering an entire wall. This shiplap treatment clads a fireplace using untreated cedar fence boards that have been cut and washed prior to installation and then stained in walnut.

Paper Daisy Design

Take the focus up to the ceiling. Whether you’re using authentic shiplap, new or reclaimed boards, or plywood, a planked ceiling treatment creates interest in an unexpected place. “Rough-hewn pine boards overhead draw the eye up to the vaulted ceiling in this bedroom designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines,” said HGTV.



Why should the inside of your home have all the fun? The shiplap look can bring interest and distinction to your exterior as well.

Go au natural,



use a rich stain,


Photo by AdvantageLumber.comSearch contemporary exterior pictures

or combine it with other materials for a truly unique look.

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Earth Day 2016 – 10 Easy Ways To Go Green With Little Effort


Earth Day always makes us recommit to eco-friendliness, but I don’t think we’re alone in saying that many of our grand efforts can be short-lived. Thankfully, even if you’re not ready to start compositing or devising an elaborate rainwater catching system, you can still have an impact. Another benefit to being nice to the Earth – green measures are also money savers! Ready, set, go green!

1. Change your light bulbs

What could be easier than swapping out a few bulbs? Choose compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) to see the biggest change.

“They consume about 75 percent less electricity and last up to 10 times longer,” said Better Homes and Gardens. “Replace one 75-watt incandescent bulb with a 25-watt CFL and save up to $83 over the life of the bulb.”

2. Recycle

You don’t need to lay out some complicated assembly line to dispose of every piece of trash. Start small by setting aside your plastic bottles and glass containers. If you have a recycling bin, use it. And if you live in an area where you can get money back for your recyclables, by all means, take advantage of it.

Recycling glass alone can reduce “related air pollution by 20 percent and related water pollution by 50 percent,” said 50 Ways to Help the Planet. “If it isn’t recycled it can take a million years to decompose.”

3. Ditch the bottled water

Remarkably, close to 90 percent of plastic water bottles are not recycled. A pitcher with a filter can make a huge difference—you can conserve up to five gallons a day with this one little change.

Shorten your showers

Every two minutes you save on your shower can conserve more than ten gallons of water. If you live in California or another area being impacted by the drought, this is probably already on your mind. For everyone else, shortening a couple showers a week is a start.

5. Turn off computers at night

“By turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can save 40 watt-hours per day,” said 50 Ways to Help the Planet. “That adds up to 4 cents a day, or $14 per year.”

6. Turn off everything with an LED

Why stop at the computer? “Anything that has an LED (light emitting diode) that glows even after you turn it off continues to draw energy,” said Better Homes and Gardens. Your TV, cell phone charger, and printer are likely culprits. Unplug the offenders from wall sockets and plug them into power strips instead. When you leave a room, flip the strip switch to cut the flow of electricity. Unplug appliances and electronics that glow and you could save $200 a year.”

7. Don’t forget about video games

Getting the kids into the habit of flipping the games off when they’re done is another easy way to save energy and money.

“You’ll win back about $100 per year,” said Good Housekeeping.

8. Slash your junk mail

50 Ways to Help the Planet estimates that the average American gets 40 pounds of junk mail per year. That equates to 100 million trees! Take an afternoon and go on an unsubscribing spree. You’ll save some trees, some space in your mailbox, and your sanity!

9. Stop paying your bills

It’s estimated that almost 20 million trees could be saved every year if Americans paid their bills online and opted to receive e-statements. We would also eliminate more than two billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste, said 50 Ways to Help the Planet.

Buy some new appliances

Here’s one more reason to go get that French door refrigerator you’ve had your eye on: it could help save the Earth and save you money.

“When it’s time to replace a household appliance, choose a product with an Energy Star label,” said Better Homes and Gardens. “A household with Energy Star products uses about 30 percent less energy than the average household—an annual savings of about $570. You may even be eligible for a tax credit when you purchase an Energy Star product.”

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Spring Must-Haves for Your Home!

A home that’s ready for spring needs a bit more than just a good scrubbing. The season is also  great time to take a look around and think about areas that can be freshened up. Here are the must-haves that will help give your home new life.

A power washer

You didn’t think we were going to get out of here without one spring-cleaning tip, did you? While it’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about spring décor, a power washer can do wonders for the look of your home.

“Winter can leave a lot of your home covered in gunk. Dirt, debris, mold, moss and who-knows-what-else always seems to adhere itself to your deck, your driveway, the outside of your gutters and even the siding of your house,” said Dwell Beautiful. “Rent a power washer on a nice day and go town on any place that could use a good wash down. The results will be stunning and an instant facelift!”

A great rug

You may be focused on paint color or furniture pieces, but don’t fo
rget to look down. “A rug is a great layering essential that sets the foundation for a room,” said elysian. “Rugs can also be used to make a statement with a pop of pattern or a bold color.”


Niche appliances

Today’s kitchen has to do double, triple, and sometimes quadruple duty for busy families. One of the ways it can become more efficient is with niche appliances that allow the chef of the house to be more creative or specialized during meal prep.

“Steam ovens promise to cook food more thoroughly and healthily than microwaves; warming drawers give cooks a little wiggle room to deliver hot meals to family and guests; induction cooktops save space and are safer for homes with young kids; and kimchi refrigerators offer fans of the popular Korean condiment a chance to make their own at home,”said Houzz.


Something floral

Floral patterns and spring are an easy combination, but choosing a bold pattern with bright colors creates a look that continues to wow all year long.


Something geometric

It’s the trend that shows no sign of slowing. Try it on the walls, on the backsplash, on your couch pillows, or on the floor, where a bold rug can provide a new point of interest or help you build a new color story.

Geometric shapes are also impactful when applied to surfaces other than textiles.


Something striped

It’s one of the spring fashion must-haves, which means you’ll want to get a head start on this interior design trend. Used judiciously, stripes can offer a chic backdrop in your space.

Striped-Walls-Painted-Tile-Design-Ideas.jpg-550x0 (1)

Light wood

Lighter wood tones have begun dominating flooring, and they’re making their way through other parts of the home as well. Interior designer Jane Lockhart told Forbes that she “foresees kitchens sporting lighter wood tones, including walnuts, whitewashed woods and white oak in rift grain.”

A home that’s ready for spring needs a bit more than just a good scrubbing. The season is also a great time to take a look around and think about areas that can be freshened up. Here are the must-haves that will help give your home new life.


Explore the idea without ripping out your whole kitchen by bringing in a key piece of furniture, like this dining table.

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House Flipping: A Guide to Success!


Flipping a house means buying a home with the intention of fixing it up and selling it within six months for a profit. Americans flipped 26,947 single-family homes in Q3 2014, accounting for 4 percent of all home sales in that period, according to real estate data firm Realtytrac. The average gross return for investors was $75,990 per home, up 2 percent from Q2.

Flipping houses can be profitable, particularly when home values are rising and interest rates remain at historically low levels. The Federal Housing Administration stopped enforcing anti-flipping regulations—which prohibited insuring any home for less than 90 days—in 2010. If you’re looking to get into the home flipping business, follow these four guidelines for the best chance of success.

Build a Bankroll

Everything in life requires money, and house flipping is no exception. You could take out loans to buy properties, but then you are just creating debt in the hopes of making money. A smart house flipper who wants to profit immediately will often use his or her own money.

The best way to build a bankroll is by saving over time. Consider selling your own home if the proceeds will pay off the mortgage and leave you with enough to get started. Those currently receiving regular payments from a structured settlement or annuity can consider selling their future payments to a company like J.G. Wentworth for a lump sum of cash now. Make sacrifices like selling off an extra vehicle, disconnecting cable television and giving up the $5 lattes in the morning to pad your bankroll further.

Buy at Discount

You’ll make the most money if you buy a house for less than its actual value at the time of purchase. The best way to do this is by seeking out motivated sellers. These are people who need to sell quickly to relocate for a job or simply need to make fast money.

Use your social media networks to generate referrals. Inform friends and followers that you are looking to buy properties. Knocking on doors in prime neighborhoods can also generate leads—target homes with “for sale” signs and distressed properties that appear neglected.

Location, Location

The total value of all homes in the U.S. was $27.5 trillion at the end of 2014, according to data compiled by Zillow. That represents a 6.7 percent increase from 2013 and the third consecutive year of positive gains. But certain markets are doing even better.

Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando and Las Vegas experienced the largest gains for 2014, with each up at least 11.5 percent on the year. These markets offer the largest margin for error for those flipping homes, particularly with a major housing market correction being predicted by several economists for 2015. This is mostly due to the Federal Reserve ceasing its quantitative easing program and no longer artificially inflating the markets.

A good rule of thumb when buying in areas that experienced low or negative year-over-year home value change (i.e., Indianapolis and Phoenix) is to only purchase homes at 10 percent or more below current market value.

DIY Where Possible

You’ll likely need to hire plumbers, electricians and other contractors to tackle major home improvements. But the more you do yourself, the higher your profits will be. You and a few friends can install new sinks and countertops and even shingle a roof. Youtube has hundreds of instructional videos that cover everything from replacing water heaters to installing shower faucets. Creative landscaping can increase the value of a property by 13 percent, according to a study by Virginia Tech University. The DIY Network has several ideas for easy landscaping projects that anybody with a little ambition can complete.

House flipping is a cyclical endeavor that is only profitable when economic conditions are positive. Now is a great time to get started.

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Top Interior Design Trends for 2016

Getting the itch to redo your house? Truth: We have it all year round. But, there’s something about the ushering in of a new year and the literal renewal it brings that makes the idea of a fresh look even more inviting.

Check out a few of the interior design trends for 2016 for some more inspiration and a little direction.

French Country 

For some, this French country design motif never went out of style. But the influence of shows like HGTV’s popular “Fixer Upper” have brought it to the forefront. Waxed and weathered paint on furniture, shiplap treatments, and accessories bearing the show’s signature style are everywhere, and being assumed into all types of interiors to create a rich, eclectic look.

Pastel Colors

If you’ve heard about Pantone’s dual Colors of the Year for 2016—the baby pink Rose Quartz and the baby blue Serenity—you know that pastels are hot for the coming year. It’s going to be showing up everywhere from wall color to upholstery to accessories, so pick your pastel poison and go for it!

The “Glamily” Room

Who says your family gathering space has to be sedate? It’s time to up the ante.

“What’s an immaculate aesthete to do with a dog around — or a Doritos-loving tween? Let her living room go? Hardly! Turn to hardworking-yet-fabulous fabrics paired with sexy silhouettes,” said House Beautiful.

Metal Mania

Metals have been hot for several years, with everything from silver to gold to pewter to copper to rose gold having its moment. The trend for 2016 is a metal mix and match.

“Platinum, gold, copper, steel — as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they go together in our book,” said House Beautiful. “It’s bling like you’ve never seen before.”

Pretty Pendants

Lighting trends continue to move away from chandeliers, embracing pendants in all shapes, sizes, materials, and price points.

“Pendant lighting is the one design element that gives permission to invite drama, glam, and interest,” said A Light Reflection.

For 2016, expect to see an even wider range of options using glass, metals, and painted finishes.

Organic Shapes and Textures

“From dinnerware to furniture, undefined shapes and natural textures are making an appearance everywhere right into the year 2016,” said The Ace of Space.

Expect to see dining and coffee tables embracing the natural shape of the wood, with live edge tables and organic-shaped chairs being a top trend in luxury interiors and tile that better represents natural shapes gaining ground on the straight lines of subway tiles.

Artisan Goods

“From tassels and basketry to macrame and crochet, weaving is in,” said interior designer Macala Wright. “To embrace this trend, lifestyle expert Justina Blakeney advises consumers to be inspired by local finds. LG Studio artistic advisor Nate Berkus encourages shoppers to buy locally made and globally crafted goods. Berkus also states that consumers should not be afraid to mix vintage and artisanal items with mass produced goods. Pair a Mongolian lambskin pouf and Moroccan rug next to a Target coffee table, for example.”

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Buying a Historic Home

De Tonti Square Historic District

You’ve fallen in love with an old Victorian house and want to bring her back to her glory days. With dreams of starting the next row of “painted ladies,” you close the deal.

You may already have some ideas of things you want to do to your new home, but before you make any changes to the structure itself, do a little research and make sure you have the answers to these three questions:

1. Is your home designated as historic – part of a state or federal historical building or neighborhood registry? If so, you may have to adhere to a number of regulations and be subject to some historical preservation oversight in order to update the home.

2. How extensive do you want the updates to be? Do you plan to “take it back to the studs,” or simply do some cosmetic work like refinishing floors?

3. How authentic do you want the renovations to be? The more accurate the details, such as spindle bannisters and egg and dart moldings, the higher the cost in materials and labor.

Your home and its state of repair may dictate which course of action you choose. For example if your home has serious structural damage or decay, then preservation may not be possible. However, you’ll still be able to reconstruct and renovate.

Not sure if you should preserve, restore or renovate? Here are a few definitions that may help you form a plan:

Preservation means restoring and using the building for its original purpose, with as much of the original features and décor saved as possible.

Restoration means tearing out improvements made over time that don’t reflect the original age and style of the home, and then repairing those areas to closely match the original size, shape, color, etc.

Reconstruction means making major changes to the floor plan such as adding new rooms and dramatically altering and repurposing parts of the home.

Renovation or remodeling freshens the look of the home using modern materials such as updating an older kitchen with custom cabinetry, farm sinks and granite countertops.

Before you begin, find out if there are any local or state subsidies for historic preservation for homes in your area. You could get tax breaks and special home improvement loans or other assistance. Contact your local tax assessor-collector for more information, or your local housing authority.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has some excellent resources for homeowners of older or historic homes. Also, check out and for more information.

Untitled-2Interested in restoring a beautiful historic property right here in our hometown of Mobile, AL? Check out 3703 Old Shell Road, an 1862 historic home located in the heart of Springhill. This creole cottage known as “Chinaberry” is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Call Michelle Rogers for a personal showing, 367-2107 or 344-5925.


How to Sell your House During the Holiday Season

Generally speaking, most people will recommend that you wait until the summer or spring until you try to sell your home. This time of the year is usually considered the peak selling season in the real estate world. However, you may not be able to wait that long. In fact, you may need to sell your home during the holiday season.

The holiday season is not looked upon favorably by real estate agents because it signifies a down time for real estate business. Home buyers aren’t out house hunting during the holidays because, first of all, they are too busy enjoying the holidays. Secondly, those few buyers that can get away from their extended families for an afternoon or two aren’t going to want to trek through the cold weather in order to view your property. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes owners are forced to sell as soon as possible, whether it’s the holiday season or not. If you need to sell your home during the holidays, then be sure to use the following six tips to give yourself the best chance at selling your home quickly:


1. Work with a real estate agent

If you’re trying to sell your home quickly, which you probably are if you’re selling during the holiday season, then you’re not going to want to try to do it on your own — especially if you have no real estate experience in the past. A real estate agent will do all of the leg work for you by marketing your home to attract active buyers as well as to provide valuable advice concerning all aspects of selling your home. An agent will also have the networking capabilities in order to find buyers that are on a similar deadline as you and need to find a home to purchase as quickly as possible.

2. Be smart about pricing your home

Most buyers that are active during the holidays will have no problem waiting if they think that your property is priced too high. They will assume that either they’ll find a different house that’s priced lower when spring comes around or that you’ll eventually lower your price. Be realistic about what the market expectations are and price your home fairly based on the demand of your neighborhood and the real estate comps your real estate agent will provide you with.


3. Make your home on the market stand out

You’ll need to put a little extra effort into your home on the market in order to get potential buyers out of their current homes to brave the winter weather and come see your property. Make sure you provide detailed information about all of your home’s features — provide these details in bullet points to make them easy to read. A good listing will need lots of photographs of every room inside your house as well as of the exterior. Consider having a professional photographer come to take high quality photos — a professional will light each room in a way that makes them look as appealing as possible. If you are able to, provide photographs of your home’s exterior during the spring or summer season as well so that buyers can see what the property looks like throughout the year and not just during the winter.


4. Provide incentives for buying your home

One way to get buyers through your door is by offering incentives that they won’t be able to turn down. For example, you could install brand new appliances in your kitchen or even cover all the closing costs. These kinds of additional home improvements and concessions will spark the interest of buyers and can be exactly the kind of push a buyer needs in order to sway from mildly curious to extremely tempted.


5. Don’t ignore your curb appeal

Just because foliage is dormant during the winter months, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about your home’s curb appeal. If your home looks neglected or abandoned, buyers won’t bother going in. Consider a few holiday decorations to help create a more inviting atmosphere that will beckon buyers to come inside. For example, hang a wreath from your front door or string some lights up on your front porch. Just avoid going overboard and make sure that you don’t put up any religious decorations – you don’t want to put off or offend potential buyers that may not share the same religious beliefs as you.


6. Create a warm and inviting environment

The winter can be really miserable for buyers that are focused on finding a new home as quickly as they can. You’ll want them to feel cozy and warm as soon as they walk into your home from the bitter winter weather that they’ve just trudged through outside. If you have a fireplace, light a fire. Light a few candles here and there to add a warm glow to your interior design. You may even want to bake some cookies or make some warm beverages (such as hot cocoa or coffee) to offer to buyers as they walk in. Not only will snacks and drinks make buyers feel more at home, but the scent of cookies and cocoa can help make your home feel more cozy as well.

The holiday season is not typically considered a good time of the year to try and sell a house. However, you may not have a choice. If you need to sell your home quickly during the holidays, then be sure to use these six tips, from pricing your home properly to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for visiting buyers.

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The One Thing You Need In Your Home Right Now: Plaid

Blue Ridge Outdoors once said of plaid shirts that they “never die. They just continue to evolve.” The same could be said of the use of plaid in interior design.

While its roots may be in traditional design and preppy style, in its current incarnation, it’s bold, with a broad appeal that goes far beyond intersecting lines.

Frankly, we’re obsessed.

We already knew plaid was all the rage, and then we got a load of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s couch when he flashed pictures of their new baby on The Tonight Show.


Holy plaid. We. Have. To. Have. That.

It’s obviously custom and it surely costs as much as a car (a nice one, at that). But you can still get the look with smart pieces throughout the home.

Plaid walls may immediately make you think about traditional style with dark woods and antiques, or maybe the English countryside with equestrian elements. But look at how a fresh take on the pattern and a color scheme to match sets off a modern bedroom…


and gives a baby’s room an inspired backdrop.


Upholstery is an ideal spot to play with plaid, but why do it in the traditional way? These dining chairs are backed with a complementary array of blue-based plaids, creating a distinctive yet pulled-together space.


If nothing but a plaid couch is going to do (thanks, Justin!), you have options, like this one featured on Houzz from 
Hudson Interior Design


If that’s not in budget, add a few good pillows to your existing couch for a punch of plaid.


Think plaid can’t be used as a foundational piece? Check out how this apple green plaid rug gives the bedroom some life.


You can also get a chic patchwork plaid look with carpet tiles.


The Burberry plaid is one of the most iconic patterns in fashion, and while you might not be able to upholster your walls or even a sofa in the fabric, you can at least drape a throw over it. What better way to bring in a bit of luxury while showcasing a modern trend!


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Written by Jaymi Naciri Realty Times


Secure Your Home With Cutting-Edge Technology While on a Budget

A burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds and a property crime every 3.5 seconds, according to the FBI. In addition, Safeguard the World reports that homes without security systems are up to 300 percent more likely to be broken into. Fortunately home security products and apps help deter burglars and stop them in their tracks. While an expensive home security system helps safeguard your home, there are other ways to stay safe without breaking the bank. Check out some of the best home security technology that can be controlled from your iPad no matter where you are.

smart home

iSmart Alarm: Check out iSmart Alarm for a robust home security system with no contracts or monthly fees. Motions sensors, iCameras and contact sensors alert you to activity in your home and record what’s going on. A smart switch controls your lights remotely with a schedule of your choice, and it can be used to turn appliances off and on while you’re away. You also can mix and match products or only order those that meet your home security needs.

Hue: Couple smart lighting with your home security system or devices. Philips’ Hue is designed with style in mind if you want to set a certain mood or even match the colors of a sunset right from your favorite photograph. Hue also secures your home by scheduling when lights go on and off and changing the colors remotely. Set a lighting schedule for different rooms to illuminate when you want and program them to come on automatically the moment someone walks up to your door. Potential intruders who see the unpredictable change in lighting will think someone’s there and move onto the next house.

Presence: Download the free Presence home security app to turn your smartphone into a live video feed. This is ideal when you just need to monitor your front door or specific room. The app alerts you when motion is detected and also has convenient two-way video and audio capabilities. You can talk directly to your kids who just got home from school while you’re still at work or even verbally confront an intruder even though you’re on the opposite side of the world. A burglar who’s taken by surprise when you tell him or her to leave and you’ve called the police is likely to flee and not come back.

August Smart Lock: Send a virtual key to guests, contractors or your children with the August Smart Lock. Especially useful for real estate agents, August Smart Lock offers encrypted locking technology that is scheduled to work when you need it. You can access a log record to see who entered right from your iPhone or iPad. And if your Wi-Fi goes down, the August Smart Lock still works with the use of a back-up battery.

Goji: Try Goji if you like the idea of the August smart lock but want additional features. Goji sends out virtual keys and unlocks your door whenever you program it to. Additionally, it sends picture alerts of visitors to your door and logs it into the system. Set a date and time for guests to access your home and use the on-call help if anything happens to your smartphone. Instead of getting locked out, Goji representatives can virtually unlock your door and cancel access for your lost or stolen phone.

Regardless of what home security apps and products you use to secure your home, don’t forget to employ old-fashioned techniques. Ask neighbors to keep flyers, newspapers and mail from littering your driveway and signaling your absence. Refrain from posting updates about going out of town on social media, and check your windows and doors to ensure locks are working properly.

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Great Ideas for The Dogs That Rule the Roost


You often wake up in the morning on a tiny corner of the bed, while your Goldendoodle Frankie lays caddy corner, legs splayed, taking up all the valuable bed real estate.

You bought your last house specifically because there was a great place in the corner of the kitchen for the food bowls and it already had a doggie door in the living room.

Face it. Your dog rules the roost.

And it’s the way it should be, really. After all, dogs make us happier, calm us down, make us laugh, make us smile, and help us live longer and more fulfilled lives.

It’s all proven. You can look it up.

If you’re getting ready to move, or even considering it, you might be worried about how to make your dog comfortable in your new home.

Or perhaps you’d just like to make your place a little friendlier for your pooch. Either way, these products will help you become the best dog owner ever.

For those who want their dog nearby but aren’t super keen on the idea of using a metal crate as a side table, here’s a chic solution.


For the pet and pet owner that likes to chow down together. Wonder if they make this for 60-pound dogs.


Put that pooch to bed in style (doggie romper sold separately). Need a space for two? Check out their Metropolitan Bunk Dog Bunk Bed. Yes, bunk bed.


When you can’t be there to throw the ball for your buddy, the iFetch fills in for you. A former Kickstarter project, the iFetch has won numerous awards since launching in 2013, and made thousands of dogs happy.


Or, you could build the doghouse of all doghouses, like this one

“This place really has gone to the dogs. Currently being built for two Great Danes in Gloucestershire, England, it will feature sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a $250,000 sound system, and a 52-inch plasma TV,” said This Old House. “Automatic dispensers ensure the dogs, who each have their own bedroom, will always have chilled, filtered water and dry food available. Dog-vision webcams allow their owner, who has chosen to stay anonymous, to keep tabs on the pups as they frolic in the house or in their own private playground outside. To keep out the riff-ruff, a retina scanner ensures only the two dogs can enter the front door, and an 18-inch spa bath with a saline treatment will help their coats stay shiny. Designed by architect Andy Ramus, this little shack will only cost about $417,000.”


If you’re doing some work on your new house, this idea to incorporate the dogs bowls into your kitchen island is one that will increase convenience and make cleaning up after them a breeze.


As long as you’ve got the power tools out, why not create a cozy spot for your kitty too?


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